Frequently Asked Questions

We have 12 years of experience in this field and we will provide you with 7 photography services.
Because we promise to deliver what you want and how you want it. We will not disappoint you in terms of photography. We will work for you as it were our own occasion and will give you a series of moments you will want to take care of.
Pricing is an important question when it comes to an occasion because you are already all packed up with everything but we take care of our customers, we will assure you to fit it in your budget. The pricing will always depend on your need of photography.
Yes, we do get a partner with us if we go to do some big occasion. Photoshoots can be done on an individual basis but occasion like weddings need a partner in order to take care of the equipment we carry with ourselves.
Great news for you, we run our offices all over India, you can enjoy the flavours of our photography sitting in any state of the country.
Yes you can go online with the work we do. There is a whole collection of photographs on very kind of occasion for you. You can refer to those and see if we are right for you.
Yes, although photography is all about being in light but if we cannot have ark photos, who are we then? We will make sure to give you dark photos if you want that your option.
We will accept payment in cash or digitally as you like it. You will not face any issues in regards to payment modes.
During the season of festivals or weddings, you can book us 5 days prior to the occasion but on off season days you can call us on the day of occasion too.
Yes you can. We will never stop you from presenting us your choices, we will go according to your list of shots and poses. We want happy customers and for long.
We will provide you with a location or your pre wedding shoot if you do not have much idea about it but if you have a location in mind, we will work that way.
We will take the payment in complete amount before the wedding while booking because we have to make an agreement on the basis of the payment done. So if you pay us the whole amount we will make you an agreement.
This all depends on when you come to select the photos you want in your portfolio and the design you want for your wedding album and after your selection of it, we will prepare it in 25-30 days.
Yes we will have a backup of your images for a year so that you can get them whenever you want within that span of time.
Yes, we will wait for 1 hour, even if the wedding rituals are running later than the scheduled time. And after that, there will be some extra charges per hour.