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Shootiz has been in the photography business for more than 10 years and we all have our bests, right?

Read it through my blog to know about my services-

1. Wedding services

Weddings are a great time for everybody to show their fashion off and I promise we don’t let your fashion go in vain.

Photoshoots on your wedding? Candids, posing and what not. A couple will fulfil every dream they have ever had for their wedding day.

A wedding photographer should be ready for the unexpected, every angle or any kind of pose. A couple would never let their wedding photography go wrong in any way.

2. Maternity Photoshoot

This is the best for the couple and the mother to be. She would never miss the time from being pregnant to her 9 months of journey.

We will give you a great series of photographs for you to remember your journey of making a beautiful baby.

3. Baby shoots

Okay, you most definitely want to have a great Photoshoot with your baby and of your baby, right?

Baby shoots is another service that we will provide for you so that you can have a moment of your baby to show your baby once they grow up.

Baby shoots will be done according to your comfort zone. Get your babies photoshoot ready from home.

4. Fashion photography

Fashion photography is something everyone will try once to show off.

This type of photography is mainly to display new trends in clothes.

We will give you a great fashion theme to photograph about.

5. Commercial photography services

Commercial photography is used on restaurant menus, the images that we use on the menu card, it is for promoting a business or to sell a product in the market.

This type of photography is often associated with advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements as well as merchandising.

6. Product photography

We all need clear pictures of our products that we want to sell online or maybe through whatsapp, right? Bring us your products and we will photograph them according to your need.  

7. Pet photography services

We adore pets like we adore our children, there is nothing greater than having a pet at your home. We give you a chance to get your beautiful pets have their moments with the camera.

8. Success memories

Need a great photographer to capture your success events? We will be there for you to capture your success memories without letting the moment go off camera.

9. Corporate events

Things become great and memories become wonderful when they are photographed the way everything looked like. We assure you a memorable event in terms of photography.


These are our services and we promise you the best of everything here. You will never be disappointed with our work and our team. Read my other blogs for tips on how to be a photographer. Click the link:

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