Pet Photography – Tips

If you love pets then pet photography is a good idea for you to click pet photography. People love pet photography so you should post these photographs on your social media as well. Gain experience and build skills in pet photography that will expand your professional photography options

Get down on their level

Get down on there level- Pet photography

Get down on your knees and take pictures on their level. Click the picture that shows their sight. This is a great way to click natural shots. Go get ready, stretch your muscle and avoid nice clothes, because you need to get dirty. Start click whatever you want to from their eyes. 

You can take pictures portraits or other poses that will show your professional work to people.

Motion photography

Motion photography

To capture pets in motion or when they playing make sure your camera is ready to click pictures. This will give you accurate shots. Use fast shutter speed so you can get the best result. Working with pets is a little difficult, you frame some poses in your then it instantly changes, so don’t wait if you see a shot you like, click it!

Set your camera on fast shutter speed so this will continuously focus on every move. If you have 20 pictures there will be at least 1 perfect shot. Because it’s not a human so there is no “Now hold that pose for the shoot”.

Focus on their eyes

Click portrait with focus on their eyes. This is a heart-touching shot. Make sure your camera keeps focusing on the eyes of the pet. Keep their focus on yourself, you should hire a person who helps focus them on camera. Use natural light like a window also make the eyes sparkle.

Keep working fast

Playing pet photography, Keep working fast

Keep working fast is not only important for you, but it’s also important for your camera too. It sounds pretty fast for your pet portrait shoot. You need a good light source or you should choose outside window photography, this is best. Some pets move too much so keep your camera active to capture these random moves in your camera. 

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