Freelance Photography- Tips and Tricks

Freelance Photography- Tips and Tricks

Freelance photographer
Freelance photographer

Build online portfolio on your website

Build an online portfolio on your website. If you don’t have a portfolio then your career as a freelance photographer is going to be tough. Freelance photography websites are incredibly important. Think of it this is your online store, you are offering your services online to your customers. Here is more reasons of why freelance photographer need website :

  • Show your genuine professional work.
  • Gives you a presence on the internet. 24X7 online presence
  • Show your best services to customers
  • Show strong reasons to your clients to contact you.

Daily blogging

In marketing, content is king. And blogging helps you connect relevant audiences to your website. As a freelance photographer you know many tricks and techniques about great photography. That will attract people and other freelance photographers. Add great photography clicked by you that will help you engage the audience.

Post blogs on a daily basis and add photos. You can take Sundays or the full weekends off.  The effects of a daily blog are wide ranging.  Daily blogging helps you improve your website. It also added personality to your website.

Collect testimonials

Testimonials are written proof of your great work and this will support your business offering. Testimonials give strength to your brand by showing people love your services.

Collect effective testimonials that are effective for the audience. Publish them wherever you want to upload social media, website, blogs, email marketing etc.

Respond emails and calls ASAP 

If someone contacted you that means they did research about your work or visit your social media and website. So don’t delay responding to them because their mind is fresh and they remember about your work. Every second that you wait vanishes that freshness.

Don’t over promise

If you think you finished your project on Saturday, don’t say Saturday. Give yourself some extra days because you never know when something unthinkable will happen. And when you’ll actually do your work on the day you thought of, the client will be glad about your professionalism

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