Best Wedding Photography Poses For Your Wedding Ceremony

Best Wedding Photography Poses For Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding photography poses

We know that your wedding is a big day for you in your life. You’ve dreamed about this day so much. And I will leave no stone unturned to make your marriage memorable. Right planning will make your wedding’s memories last forever. So use these unique wedding photography poses and don’t forget to hire the Best Photographer.

The First Look

First look wedding pose

This is the most important photograph in a wedding to capture the couples first look. Couples never think about this pose at all. But this is the truly cute & emotional(tears and all) moment to capture. If your clients are ready for this you can shoot this before the wedding ceremony.

Focus On The Ring

This is the photographer’s favorite wedding photographer pose to click focus on the ring for both wedding and pre-wedding shoot.

Focus on ring wedding pose

In this shot couples place their hand front and all the focus on their hands or their rings and the bride and groom in the background are blurred.

Drink Together, Stay Together Pose

Drink together couple pose

This is the big day of couples life so we are sure that your wedding is full of “Fun and Masti”. And this should be captured in your wedding pictures. Drinks are also made for couples on the wedding day. Drinks are also made for couples on the wedding day.

Pampering His Lady

Pampering his lady photography

The groom knows how to treat his lady! He is helping her wear sandals. This image made us fall in love with this lovely chemistry. 

Pamper Your Hubby Too Pose

Wedding kiss photography

As much as you need to feel special, your men deserve to feel special too. Ok, now go on your knees and ask him to stay forever with you.

Mehndi Function Pose

Mehndi wedding function Pose

This adorable and gorgeous bride showing off her mehndi in this pose. “Soon to be Mrs,” said her mehndi. This pose has our heart.

Proposal Pose

Proposal couple pose

Boy! Make her feel special in the whole world going on your knees and propose to her again. A cute, romantic and gorgeous wedding photography pose to describe love. That we call a perfect shot. OKK! Don’t miss this click.

Lift Up Pose

Lift up wedding pose

Tell your groom to lift up his bride pose. That moment where it’s impossible not to smile. This Dilwala lifts up his Dulhaniya after the last ‘Phera’ so he can run off as soon as possible without wasting a time. And that fun moment was captured.

Running Pose

Running wedding photography pose

Running off is a symbol of freedom. Tell your client to talk, walk and run naturally. Take this pose be natural. Because this running pose looks much better in candid shots. Remember, That it might be a little difficult for a bride to run with a bridal dress.

We Won Pose

We won wedding photography

Weddings are not all about romantic or intimate pose images. It’s about wedding photography poses what capture people celebrate their love and marriage. It’s better if it comes naturally like your clients look/feel like we won. So tell them to pose. Don’t force this pose because it looks good if it’s natural.

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