Help Clients Feel Comfortable During A Photoshoot

Mostly people feel awkward in front of the camera so remember to be patient with them and help clients to feel comfortable.. What do you think about why I became a photographer ?  You know when the camera turns on me I also feel a robot, my smile freezes and I don’t know what to do with my hands. But wait, Let me point my camera at others because I know how to pose them and how to bring out the emotion according to a picture.

As a photographer one of your most valuable tools is how to help clients feel comfortable and make them forget that you’re not there and capture their feelings and emotions. I hope that our sessions become unforgettable experiences for our clients.


Communicate with client

It’s the most important to talk to your client before the shoot session. Because you can not decide everything on the exact day. You should talk to your client about what they expect, listen to them if they have decided a theme for a shoot if not then give them advice. Let them know where the shoot location will take place if they already choose. Let them know how long the photo shoot will last.

Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

Don’t jump from this point. Introduce yourself again and chit chat with them so they can feel comfortable with you. Create a good surrounding to feel relaxed, confident and free for your clients. That can help you make a trust and good relationship with your clients.

Have fun 

Have fun with client

Do not hesitate to have fun because this will make clients comfortable with you. Make silly jokes and have fun when you’re on shoot with them. Figure out that you think that will look cool or find some topics to interact then go with it.

You just don’t have to brush up and like knock knock JOKES ! No, just start by talking with them, make fun with them or do share your story. BUT… making them laugh is not the solution, allow them feel like no stranger is clicking their picture.

Come prepared

Come prepared

Before going on a shoot get knowledge or go see the location of your shoot session. Because it’s important to know about location and get knowledge about how you will deal with it. Keep your camera battery charged and take or borrow another camera for shoot. Take different types of lenses and extra extension or tethering cables. The same goes for lighting equipment if you use it. Hire an assistant to speed up your workflow. Be ready on time and you’ll look like a professional.

Give Them Tips 

On your photo sessions help your clients with what to wear or what they expect from you. Show your guide book to your client and give them tips on clothes. You know many clients don’t have any idea what to wear on a photoshoot. Give them advice on color combinations of outfit, give them suggestions on shoes/footwear. 

Photography Tips
  • Pick a theme
  • Choose them clothes
  • Share them your blogs about shoot 
  • Unless they sponsor you, stay away the logo



If you feel able to make your client comfortable or less awkward in a photo session then Yeah! Congrats. But if not, then it’s ok.. Keep working on this.

Luckily for all of us every photo session is unique and now this is a challenge for us to make our client feel comfortable. Because they trust us to capture their feelings and the good shots of them. Aren’t we lucky ?

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