Photography trends in 2021

Knowing about photography trends that the photographers will follow and you should know it.

Do you ever feel that there is a season to get yourself photographed? I don’t. Because there isn’t and with upgrades in everything in our lives, there are upgrades in the photography section too.

Read my blog and get to know about the trends.

1. Vibrant colors photography are good to go!

There are more than a million pictures that are posted everyday on social media, how do you let yours be the definitive one?

Vibrant color photography

You can go for more vibrant colors in your pictures that are look and stop and give a like images.

The more vibrant colors you use in your images the more attention it captures, and we all know the magic vibrant colors do to us.

2. Go Vertical!

Vertical photography

Who knew that the orientation of your photos could be a trend one day? Photography experts are more of vertical photos than horizontal because horizontals are for landscapes and vertical for portraits.

The reason behind this trend is smartphones, the images that we capture on our phones are automatically vertical unless we rotate them sideways.

3. No hassle posing for wedding photography!

There was a time when you had to stand in lines to get yourself clicked on your wedding day. But with changing times this has changed too.

Wedding Photography

Now, you don’t have to pose for pictures, you can stand or do whatever you want to and you will get clicked.

And this is what we call candid photography.

4. Drone is a TREND!

As drones become cheaper, more and more photographers will use them for their events. We have certain restrictions on where to fly a drone and how much area to cover, rightly so.


Drones give you great quality photos and help you create good content for your event. Photography trends like drone wedding photography will grow and trend more than we expect.

Flying drone up to blue sky background

5. Capture images from a good video!

Photography is a great medium to work on and with. With technology touching heights in every way, it is getting good in the photography section too. You know all about a higher resolution of photographs and devices that capture pictures at great angles.


Now, you can click great picture posing differently and the way you want but there are activities that you feel likely with are in a video, you can take them out from a video.

Extracting images from a video is the new trend that we follow up here and guess what? The quality of the image remains the same and gives you a great look.

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6. 360 photography trend

360 degrees is the new photography trend that will be followed this year.

360 photography trend

This type of photography gained a foothold in product photography, where the subject would turn as the camera captured. Now, photographers are changing the way we shoot by turning the camera 360° as it captures.

And with modern technology in our hands, this is an easy task to do and one that is beautiful to look at.

7. Cloud storage

Okay, we all know that with technology getting advanced we have high-resolution cameras in our hands. Even our phones are advanced enough to click good and high-quality pictures.

Cloud storage

With a better resolution of pictures, we have images that have large file sizes and that we need high storage facility on our devices.

Say hello to cloud storage facilities that google and apple will provide you with. It is a way for you to move your images around wirelessly.

And the best part is you can have access to these images anytime and anywhere you want.

8. Hello nature!

It’s that time again where we can say hello to nature again because we all love the environment. Nature is beautiful and it is much more beautiful when we can capture it as we see it.

Nature photography

We always look and search for natural things and this is in every way growing our connection with nature much stronger than it used to be.

These are the trends that will be followed highly in the year 2020. And we have to keep up with it!

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