Things to keep in mind while hiring a photographer

Three things you should consider when hiring a wedding photographer and or a cinematographer that’s right so let’s get into it first off, therefore, the thing about this


Style is obviously Super Start make sure they definitely try so many styles you know you have the darker Moody which gives more of a line airy type of a feel some you know get more proposing and staging some do more directing there’s a lot of things to consider to style as well because you’re saying you know there’s dark and moody light and airy and that’s kind of a look as far as the style goes but then there’s also a style of you know what kind of background or what kind of environment do they include in a lot of their photos like you know is it are they more outdoors are they more luxury inside high-end kind of stuff so you want to find a photographer cinematographer who is comfortable with what your wedding is going to be trying a tail if you’re going to have an outdoor wedding.

You’re definitely going to want to find a photographer who is you know comfortable being outside hiking doing that more adventurous you definitely don’t want higher if darker that does a lot of glam Hyde weddings to hike a mountain with you yeah that’s something that basic which I say is make sure they’re comfortable that way they’re not thrown into uncomfortable spots today so yeah and if they do more posing versus more natural poses or I guess you wouldn’t even call it poses what would you call I’ll say directing that’s I feel like you know there’s a couple of ways to approach working with them with a couple there’s no you can stage them or you can impose them and direct them to do certain things so that’s one thing to consider I was going to say the really important thing is the style-wise story how do they tell the story see people tell stories by more of that for the photojournalistic way so this is the right couple.

Do they focus on capturing your personality in an authentic way or are they more just there to capture the event and what happens that’s a good one and a lot of there’s a lot of popular right now to say about if you have photographer stack that really make you look as and basically they staged it this stages that’s right staging it absolutely so there’s a couple of ways you can approach it there you know you’re going to have a more very kind of more like a raw environment this is how it is what you get or you can have a target for that really stages things and really puts you in a certain location so do something about what you like  for sure and I think for me as a cinematographer one of the big things is I like to just capture the event as it unfolds which is great and a obviously that ends up happening anyway I am very purposeful in trying to tell the couple’s story in a way that is natural I’ve seen authentic to who they are so I spend a lot of time before the wedding getting to know them and who they are and their story so that way I can you know going to the wedding comfortably and know exactly what I’m going to do have a plan so it’s not necessarily staged but I’m not just kind of capturing what happens.

Personality & Attitude

Number three is really important to make sure that your personalities match and they go together for the part that’s so I think that’s one of the biggest things if I can take a break when hiring a photographer that you want somebody that you’ll get along with yeah because you’re spending not just a day with them you don’t want to spend a whole full year with them you. I’ll guess Inquirer you know and then meet with them has an engagement session you have the wedding day may be a bridal session and then, of course, you have you know that you know post wedding consultations you know whether but friends exactly so you’re spending quite a time with them and you want somebody that you can click understand you get each other it’s easy to work with them absolutely you get along I mean I think it’s really important because you know especially for the wedding day like, I said you’re spending a lot of time with them but on the wedding day you’re spending all day with this person they’re following you around you want somebody that you’re okay we listen to and tell you what to do some out their tell stand over here do this and that for the most part so you want some kind of like some level of trust oh you’re a very high level because that’s for you they’re creating and capturing these memories. for you, that is going to last a lifetime so make sure that you trust that person 

I think a big way to do that make sure that you do with your

photographer and cinematographer when you first meet with them are you know them before you book them. Don’t just talk about how much do you cost. But ask how do you work what’s your style just random stuff yeah

we as photographers to don’t like to work with anyone who just wants us to come in and capture the event. Or absolutely more focused on what it’s going to cost and with definitely 

we actually interview our couples as well to know if we feel like a match or don’t match or styled as a match or a voice in our creative storytelling otherwise 

we will suggest somebody else that we think will suit them best that’s mostly because we want to create our best work.

I hope this article will help you when you hire a photographer or cinematographer for your wedding day.

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