How to get work experience in photography?

How to get work experience in photography?

Everybody has a passion for something and if no one is stopping you, you will want to do it at all costs right? Photography is a great passion for people.

Are you a fan of a career in photography? Well, I have some tips for you that you should always keep in mind before going out.

Follow me here:

1. Know all about your camera

know about camera

Step 1: Learn what type of file to use

Before starting out a career in photography, you should know about the types of files that you should use for your pictures.

The most important types of files are JPEG and RAW and RAW being further divided into M-RAW and S-RAW.

Basically, RAW files are larger than JPEG but JPEG are a more compressed view of a file and easier to access but if you want to be a professional photographer always go for RAW files.

Step 2: Experiment and try

You should try out new camera settings every now and then. Like you should go out and take snapshots with different lenses, change your camera settings and see what looks good and how.

learn from mistakes

Understand what Aperture, Shutter speed, and ISO are and how do they affect your pictures.

And also, these are all connected to each other if you change one the other one will also be changed.

Step 3: Try out different lighting

A person who is on the road to be a professional photographer should know that lighting is the most part of a picture.

How do you get that lighting part correct? You have to every now and then try out different lights and shades that set the composition of the photograph.

A photograph and the lighting are friends.

Step 4: Click it when you can

The best part about the journey of being a photographer is you can click any shot you like. Never ever hesitate, click a lot of pictures.

Why is it important? Because when you click a hundred shots every day and then go through them, you will know what needs to change. You will have the right idea of what needs to be done better.

click it when you can

When you practice it like this, you will try out different settings, lighting, you will know how to take that mesmerizing shot everyone talks about. Also, if you do this no one can stop you from being a professional.

2. Building your skills

Step 1: Create a portfolio

Creating a portfolio of your work is essential. Click different photos here and there with different settings and everything then put it together.

Create a portfolio

Why do you need it? A portfolio of your work will help you get a job easily because all you have to do is show them your best work.

Although if you don’t get a job, you can click pictures of your family and friends and ask them to tag you on social media and create a presence through it.

Step 2: Get a degree!

A degree in photography will help you get job prospects more easily. You can join in as an intern too and get a job easily.


It will also give you the time to develop your skills and dive into a deeper knowledge of them.

Step 3: Learn to use professional editing techniques

A picture is incomplete without that last touch up. You should know how to edit a picture to make it look natural and still nice

Watch tutorials, try out different apps, take classes if needed and do the right thing.

3. Expand your horizons

Step 1: Do it as a business

If you’re trying to break into the freelance photography business, don’t give away your services for free.

Choose whether you want to price your photography per hour or per finished image and set your prices.

If you present yourself as a professional, people will see you as one.

Step 2: Get a website

A website is your online presence and the best way to get to your clients with your work.


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