8 photography categories for you to choose from

Photography categories

In this blog, we take different types of photography that popular today. May it will inspire you. This list doesn’t cover all types of photography or genre, it outlines many of the important.

1. Landscape photography

Landscape photography

You are a nature lover or you like to click pictures of that beauty that is nature? Do you enjoy taking pictures of nature in different ways from different angles?

Landscape photography might be the right option for you if you want a career in photography.

2. Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography

Some of us love animals and adore their behavior and the beauty they are, while some like to adore them and click their pictures noticing their behavior, their habits and what they do, and how they do it.

You will always need a very strong sense to click an animal’s picture, and you should also be patient while doing wildlife photography.

3. Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

We all adore views that we get to see from heights. Top of the building or parachute or a plane, let’s say. And nobody would ever leave a chance to click pictures from that height.

And if you like to go on top, just to click great pictures from heights you should get a career in Aerial photography.

4. Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is one of the oldest in the photography family. In this type of photography, you can click pictures of your family members or your friends or your pets called Portraiture.


5. Wedding photography

wedding photography

It is said that a newcomer in professional photography begins his/her career by practicing a wedding or event photography. But that doesn’t mean that this type of photographer does not require and any skill.

A person dealing in this type of photography has to be an expert in portraiture and extremely good editing skills. The demand for wedding photography or event photography is more.

6. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography

Look around you and you will find a lot of people that are fond of trying out new fashion and upgrading themselves with every new thing in the market.

Fashion photography captures models in a glamourous light where they advertise for different and trending shoes or dresses in the market.

This type of photography is mainly done for advertisements and fashion magazines.

7. Baby photography

Baby photography

Baby photography is another popular photography. This photography is conducted when a family is blessed with a newborn baby.

The different expressions of a baby as well as along with the family members are captured in this type of photography.

The whole family comes together to freeze that moment in this photography.

8. Candid Photography

Candid photography

Photography comprises of pictures clicked in completely natural states of the subjects without any prior preparedness.

Candid photography is increasingly becoming popular not only during social events also on special occasions. But for general images as well as it helps in capturing the uniqueness and magic of the moment.

This is just a small part of how vast photography is and how many career options you have if you are interested in going in a field of photography

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