5 Common Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make

Okay, beginners in any profession make mistakes, be it photography or any other profession. And there are some common mistakes that everyone makes.

Making mistakes is not a big deal and it is the only path that lets you learn more and better. These mistakes are general and are not a big deal but you can keep them in mind next time you do a photoshoot.

1. Not photographing close to home but only when you travel

There are two types to it : One that feels comfortable photographing here at home and the other one that photographs away from home.

And this one of the common mistakes beginners make is, photographing only when they are away from home while traveling to a new place or somewhere else.

Travel photography is great and it is understandable that you like to capture new places and aura but your skills get rusty if you only use them while traveling. You need to photograph here at home too because your photography skills need dusting every day.

When you are working on a new path, you need to get in deep with it because if you use them only when required, they won’t come out as good as they should.

Not photographing close to home but only when you travel

2. Embrace the imperfection

How perfect are you with all the things that you do in your life? Not much and taking a photograph isn’t all about it. You need to embrace the imperfect photos too because photos are meant to be embraced.

You cannot always look for the perfect shot, sometimes you need to click the photo of a collapsed into dirt building and use your photography skills to make the best out of it. You have to have that idea of how meaning can be an imperfect shot to you or to someone in the near future.

Photographers usually don’t notice big mistakes because they are so busy improving those small mistakes, they get obsessed with those mistakes. Please don’t do that, don’t obsess over small mistakes, and ignore the noticeable ones.

It’s OK for a photograph to have some blur, blown-out highlights, cut off feet, a skewed composition, or even objects getting in the way. It doesn’t have to ruin the photograph or even hurt it in any way.


3. No Subject

Everybody likes to click lights, the sky, and the beauty of nature (even non-aspiring photographers) but that is just the beginning of it. You need to take care of the content too. When you mix the two that is when things go crazy and beautiful.

Think about ideas, emotions, and feelings, capture a photograph that tells you a story. A photograph isn’t just a photograph but it is something that the other person can feel connected to.

A photograph is an emotion, it is your own voice, something you can see and feel the whole view of. A photograph is much more than a photo. n

No Subject

4. Be consistent

You like to try out new lenses, click black and white or color photos, take different shots and this is fantastic for you.

But with all of this, you need to take care of the consistency too. Because if you lack consistency, you will lose customers. Group your photos according to the theme, the color of the photo so that they look consistent to others and to you, also.

When viewers look at this body of work, the consistency will help to keep their focus and allow them to get into the story or idea that you are sharing better. There are exceptions of course, but consider keeping projects in either black and white or color, keep the crop the same and keep the editing consistent. It will help to make your final project feel like a cohesive body of work.

Be consistent

5. Not becoming a part of the scene

Part of creating strong and intimate photographs is to get close and to be a part of what you are photographing. It’s much easier to skirt on the edges with a telephoto lens, or not interact with your subjects at all, but this shows in the work.

Build up your confidence and get closer to your subjects. Learn more about what you are photographing and the area that you are photographing. Interact with people and add some portraits to your project.

This can be tough at first, and it can make you nervous, but over time it will become second nature. Doing this hard work is what will allow your photography and your projects to shine.

Not becoming a part of the scene

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