10 Crazy Photography Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Everybody likes to get clicked with certain angles and poses, but there is always a great deal of history and foundation to something we do.

There are probably a lot of facts that you didn’t know about the history of photography.

I am going to take you into a better experience of photography, follow my facts and information, you will be amazed I am sure.

1. Did you know why people didn’t smile while taking a picture in old photos?

The technology wasn’t very advanced during those times and it would take hours for a photo to get developed.

It would be impossible for people to smile continuously or pose the same way for hours and that is why they did not smile or pose for their photos.

old photos

2. Do you know who is the inventor of photography and what is he better known for?

The inventor of photography is Joseph Nicephore Niepce, he recorded the first image. He is also better known for his other inventions like boats, propellers, and other inventions.

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

3. Guess what? The left side of our face looks better in photographs.

Studies done by researchers show that the left side of ou face while getting clicked looks more attractive because it exhibits a greater intensity of emotions and hence, is more attractive.

left side of photo

4. How many pictures do we capture in just two minutes?

According to stats, we have more pictures now than the whole of humanity had in the 1800s.

Only a few million images were captured in the 80 years of the first commercial camera.

The estimate is that we share more than 730 million on Facebook alone in a year, Instagram and Snapchat aren’t even there yet.


5. Which is the most viewed photo in history?

You can guess and you might be right about which is the most viewed photograph in history. Yes, it is the default wallpaper of Windows XP captured by Charles ‘O Rear in 1996.

most view photo

6. The most popular subjects for photography weren’t even alive in the 1800s.

A surprising fact that the subjects of the photographs in the 1800s were the dead bodies recorded as a memory of the deceased family member.

Sigh of relief that we do not have that trend anymore.

photography were not alive in 1800

7. The cameras that captured the surface of the moon are still there.

When the Apollo 11 mission took off for the moon, they carried 12 Hasselblad cameras with them. They are still there, on the moon.

The astronauts decided the cameras were too heavy for the return journey. So, they left them behind to make space for the 25 kilos of rock samples they brought back. They did, however, bring the film back with them.

The cameras that captured the surface of the moon are still there

8. The world’s most expensive photograph was sold for $4.3 million.

In 1999, Andreas Gursky captured the most expensive photo. It was sold in an auction that took place in 2011 or 12 for $4,338,500.

It is still the most expensive photo in the history.

expensive photograph

9. How many photos are clicked everyday?

There is no number for how many photos are taken a day. But, estimates suggest that more than 1 trillion photos are taken in a year.

On average, 95 million photos are uploaded daily on Instagram. Over 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook every day.

click everyday

10. Did you know how many cameras does the largest collection have?

Dilish Parekh, a photojournalist from Mumbai has 4,225 cameras in his collection.

cameras does the largest collection

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